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Honors to Honors Agreements

We are proud to announce that we have agreements with several Illinois four-year college Honors Programs, so that you are able to automatically enter their Honors Program from the Harper Honors Program.  All you need to do if you are qualified is to contact the Honors Director at the four-year school and let them know you are qualified.  They will then verify your eligibility with us.

Note:  Roosevelt University requires students to have a 3.25 GPA at Harper, as well to have completed 12 hours of Honors coursework in order to be eligible for automatic entry into the Roosevelt Honors Programs.  The other schools listed here require students to have completed 15 hours in our program with a 3.5 GPA for automatic admissions to their Honors Programs.

The Honors Program invites you to participate in a curriculum designed to enrich your academic experience. It offers opportunities to be more engaged in your studies with a variety of formal and informal learning settings. It is designed to make a difference in each student’s life and provide motivation to go a step further as well as maintain higher expectations in reaching the fullest potential. The Honors Program curriculum is based on providing high-impact, challenging, and experiential learning opportunities—both in and out of the classroom—for our high-achieving students. We promote leadership skills and personal development in our curricular and co-curricular opportunities for the betterment of the individual student, the university, and the global community. Students looking to transfer to Governors State are also eligible to join the Dual Degree partnership between Harper and Governors State.  Students in that program have their tuition locked in for their time at GSU and receive automatic and free admission to GSU.  In addition, if you have a 3.5 GPA or higher, you are eligible to compete for the Dual Degree program Honors Scholarship, which covers full tuition and fees**.  More information about the Dual Degree Program can be found here: http://www.govst.edu/dual-degree/

Website: http://www.govst.edu/Admissions/Honors_Program/

David M. Rhea, Ph.D. Phone: (708)-534-4392  Email: drhea@govst.edu

The mission of the Honors Program is to promote exceptional learning for exceptional learners by enriching students' learning experiences at Illinois State University. We do this by providing opportunities, resources, and support for Honors students to customize their learning in ways that are valuable to them in General Education and across all disciplines. The Honors Program features a framework that combines marketable skills with memorable experiences. The Dimensions of Honors Learning are interwoven throughout the six unique Honors Learning Experiences offered to students each semester. Students are empowered to customize their undergraduate experience by pursuing Honors opportunities that reflect their interests and aspirations.

Website: https://honors.illinoisstate.edu/

Amy Secretan, Program Coordinator. Email: amsecre@IllinoisState.edu

The reality is that the University Honors Program (UHP) at Northeastern Illinois University is based on quality rather than quantity. In other words, the amount of work in the UHP General Education/University Core Curriculum classes is comparable to that in non-Honors courses. The difference is the opportunity to participate with other bright and motivated students in small classes taught by some of the finest professors at Northeastern. Honors courses also provide students with opportunities to discuss and analyze subject matter in much more depth and with much greater individualized attention. Designed for students in all fields of study at almost every stage of degree progress, the UHP is open to eligible undergraduates who have a minimum of three remaining academic terms before graduating from Northeastern Illinois University. Join us as a freshman, a sophomore, or a junior—as a full-time or part-time student. This flexibility makes the UHP at Northeastern uniquely accessible, making us an exceptional place for you to discover your strengths and prepare for your future.

Website: https://www.neiu.edu/academics/honors-program

Jon Hageman, Coordinator, University Honors Program. Phone: (773) 442-6045. Email: jhageman@neiu.ed

Note:  NEIU also offers a competitive full-tuition scholarship to a community college student who is a member of Phi Theta Kappa.  We strongly encourage you to apply for this scholarship if NEIU might be an option for you. Here is the PTK Scholarship application

For further questions, please email the office at scholarships@neiu.edu.

The University Honors Program at Northern Illinois University provides an enriched educational experience for students motivated to achieve greatness. Through a nearly 50 year history of specialized courses, advising, engaged learning opportunities, a living-learning community and extracurricular programming, we develop tomorrow's leaders today. Some of the benefits you'll experience as a University Honors Program student include: Small, engaging courses taught by top faculty, Priority registration for courses, Honors-only scholarships, Exclusive opportunities for research with faculty, study abroad and the prestigious McKearn Fellows program, Peer mentoring from other honors students – and the chance to be a mentor yourself, and Opportunity to live in exclusive clusters in the New Hall Honors House. If you are someone who has the ambition to chase your dreams, and help others in their pursuit as well, join us!

Website: https://www.niu.edu/honors/

Todd Gilson, Director, University Honors. Phone: (815) 753-0694. Email: honors@niu.edu

The Roosevelt Honors Program provides immersive academic opportunities for students seeking an enriched undergraduate experience, featuring close faculty mentorship, multi-disciplinary approaches to inquiry and creativity, personalized curriculum, and experiential learning. Students who complete the Honors Program gain tangible distinction and preparation for graduate school, professional success, and life as socially conscious leaders. In Honors, you will: Inquire, analyze, and synthesize using multiple disciplinary perspectives.Design, conduct, and present original research and/or creative projects. Apply coursework to an issue of civic importance. Collaborate effectively with multiple constituencies. Basic expectations: Successfully complete required Honors credits. Maintain GPA of 2.5 or higher, and graduate with a 3.0 or higher. Complete and present Honors Thesis (HON 399). Roosevelt's Honors Program has Honors-specific transfer agreements with the Honors Programs and Phi Theta Kappa chapters at Harper College and the College of DuPage. Under this agreement, Honors or Phi Theta Kappa transfer students who have earned their associate's degree are granted automatic admission to Roosevelt's Honors Program, and get six of their required Honors credits waived. This ensures an easy path toward completing the Roosevelt Honors Program. Transfer students must formally join the RU Honors Program to participate in this agreement. Note:  A 3.25 GPA upon graduation is among the criteria for automatic admission to Honors at Roosevelt.

Website: http://catalog.roosevelt.edu/undergraduate/honors-program/

Marjorie Jolles, Director. Phone: (312)-341-6592. Email: mjolles@roosevelt.edu

The Honors Program is named after the great Franciscan scholar John Duns Scotus to emphasize our commitment to continuing the Franciscan intellectual tradition. Duns Scotus is a learning community of motivated students who are challenged to excel academically. As a participant you will be are encouraged and expected to: integrate a deeper appreciation of Franciscanism into your college experience, develop stronger skills for graduate study or career, deepen awareness of the interconnectedness of knowledge, appreciate the variety and richness of intellectual expression, appreciate encounters with diverse populations and learning styles, sharpen your thinking and communication skills through intensive writing and speaking, and increase your ability to do significant original research. The Duns Scotus graduate will develop a commitment to academic excellence with the goal of developing both wisdom and humility in order to serve humankind.

Website: stfrancis.edu

Lisa Hedrick, Professor. Phone: (815)-740-3471. Email: lhedrick@stfrancis.edu

The Trinity Honors Program is intended to encourage and challenge high-achieving students by stimulating, rewarding, and celebrating academic and scholarly pursuits. It is both a guild and an academic program, so has both a unique culture and a specialized curriculum. To graduate as a member of the Honors Program – and to have such recorded on the final transcript and noted in the printed commencement program – a student must complete at least eight honors courses, including a senior honors project. To meet program requirements (i.e. to count toward the total of eight), each of these courses must earn either three or four credits (or at least two graduate credits), and students must achieve a grade of at least “B” in each course. To remain members of the Honors Program, students must maintain a 3.3 cumulative GPA (in all coursework – not honors courses only) and make satisfactory progress towards completion of Honors course requirements. In preparation for the Senior Honors Project, all members of the Honors Program are expected to attend at least two Senior Honors Project presentations in their sophomore or junior year. (For Pre-Seminary Honors/Five-Year MDiv program requirements, see below under the “Christian Ministries Department” heading.)

Website: https://www.trnty.edu/academics/honors-program/

 Dr. Joshua Held, Program Director. Phone: (847) 317-7001. Email: jrheld@tiu.edu

The Centennial Honors College is an interdisciplinary academic home for academically talented and highly motivated students. It provides an enriched academic curriculum and opportunities for leadership, professional growth, service learning, personal interaction with WIU's top professors and amazing courses. At the university level, its curriculum of special general honors tutorials, colloquia, and seminars is an integral part of the University's General Education. Within departments or areas of study, the honors curriculum is an integral part of the major with offerings of in-course honors, seminars, recitals, and internship opportunities. General Honors courses, taught by a select faculty, foster opportunities for discussion and debate and promote critical reasoning, cross-disciplinary thinking, and communication skills. Honors work within departments and areas provides opportunities for in-depth study, research, and professional development.

Website: http://www.wiu.edu/centennial_honors_college/

Dr. Richard Hardy, Director, Centennial Honors college at WIU. Email: RJ-Hardy@wiu.edu


Full Tuition Scholarship Agreements

In addition to our Honors to Honors arrangements, we are proud to announce that we now have arrangements with two Illinois schools to award one student in the Harper Honors Program a full-tuition scholarship.  Details are below:

Ranked as a top Regional University for the Midwest by US News and World Report, Elmhurst College has a tranquil, classically beautiful campus located near the heart of metropolitan Chicago. Elmhurst is a fine liberal arts college that prepares students for professional life through first-hand experience with the professional world. Elmhurst is a college of the United Church of Christ that serves men and women of every faith (and of none). Elmhurst is a friendly, down-to-earth, authentic community that values and advances the life of the mind. 

Applicants for the Elmhurst scholarship will apply through the Harper Honors Program Coordinators each Spring.  Details of the process will be available to students in the program.

Nationally ranked for Liberal Arts Colleges by US News and World Reports, the beautiful 107-acre campus of Lake Forest is located on Chicago’s North Shore near Lake Michigan. Lake Forest College gives every student direct access to superb faculty and a powerful network of alumni who help graduates begin careers. This access provides every student with a valuable edge on a bright future. The flexible curriculum supports double majors and minors, and students have access to unparalleled internships in Chicago, great research experiences, championship athletics, and off-campus and study-abroad opportunities. Students learn in a rigorous academic environment in small class settings where professors do all of the teaching and advising.  The recipient of the Lake Forest Transfer Scholarship award will be selected by a joint Lake Forest College and Harper College selection committee.
Apply by April 15. Visit lakeforest.edu/harperscholarship for more information and applications.​​


Other Opportunities

The Honors Program has an arrangement with Georgetown University, an extremely prestigious university (Ranked 20th Nationally) in Washington D.C., in which we are allowed to nominate two students each year for acceptance into Georgetown.  Although this does not guarantee that you will be accepted, it does dramatically increase your chances.  

If you are interested in this wonderful opportunity, you would need to (1) Apply to Georgetown University.  (2) Communicate your interest to the Honors Program Coordinators, and we will explain the details of the process to be selected as one of our nominees.  To be a serious candidate for Preferred Consideration, you should have a 3.8 GPA here at Harper and have been an excellent high school student as well.  Also, it is super-important that you would very likely choose to attend Georgetown if accepted.   

Note: Please do not be frightened off by the cost of Georgetown; they are committed to meeting 100% of student’s unmet financial need, so often the cost of going is much more in your reach than you think. 

*For more information about financial aid regarding Georgetown University or any questions you may have about the campus refer to the link below:

Financial aid: http://finaid.georgetown.edu

School Information: http://www.georgetown.edu

Illinois Commitment is a financial aid package that provides scholarships and grants to cover tuition and campus fees for students who are Illinois residents and have a family income of $61,000 or less. $61,000 is the current median family income in the state of Illinois. Illinois Commitment will cover tuition and campus fees for new freshmen for up to four (4) years, eight (8) semesters of continuous enrollment, and tuition and campus fees for up to three (3) years, six (6) semesters of continuous enrollment for new transfer students.

Learn more at: go.illinois.edu/commitment


**Cost of Attendance Information

Last Updated: 12/14/23