Wireless Access

By using this network, you agree to comply with Harper's acceptable use policy and code of ethics. Harper reserves the right to deny service based on user, equipment or location. Service is available on a best effort basis. Troubleshooting is limited to the testing of the service.

All configuration of wireless equipment connecting to the public network is the responsibility of the owner. Users accept responsibility for the protection of their equipment. The network is based on Wi-Fi compatible 802.11b equipment. For ease of connection, default settings are being used. There is no WEP encryption. The default setup for most wireless cards will provide connection to the network.

If you are using wireless at home or work, you may need to setup a new profile for use with the Harper public network. Consult the documentation provided with your wireless card for more information. Due to security considerations, you may not be able to use all ports and or functions.

Harper has implemented wireless access to the Internet via hotspots around campus. 

Anyone with an 802.11b compatible notebook computer or handheld device can connect. It is a service open to all students, staff, and community. Our public wireless is implemented without WEP or user authentication so, if your computer can find the signal, you can use the network.

Harper's public wireless is configured using default settings so that almost any 802.11b compatible wireless device should be able to connect without any special settings. If your device has been configured for a home or office wireless network, you may need to set up a new profile using default settings. Remember, this network does not require you to log-in to connect. Consult the documentation provided with your wireless device for details.

There are limits designed into our network configuration in order to protect Harper and our wireless users. Most popular protocols and services are available though, so it's unlikely you will have a problem. If you have a problem with a specific protocol or application, email wirelesshelp@harpercollege.edu and the network support staff will look into it and respond via email.

Wireless Internet service is expected to be available at all times. Network maintenance is often scheduled for holidays and other days when the campus is closed so service may be interrupted. Any wireless outage problems can be reported to wirelesshelp@harpercollege.edu. Wireless service is provided on a best efforts basis and there may be times when service is curtailed. Check for information about the current status. We reserve the right to deny service based on protocol, user, equipment, or location. User software and equipment support will not be provided. 

Users must accept responsibility for configuring and securing their own equipment through means such as personal firewalls and virus protection. You should secure your machines with usernames and passwords for login. Any open shares can be seen by others using the network.

There are no printing services available on the Wireless Public Network.


Last Updated: 3/10/23