Student I.D. / HarperCard

Your HarperCard is your official Harper College student identification.

Student I.D.


Your Harper Student Photo ID card, known as your HarperCard, can give you campus benefits like access to the College's library and computer labs. The HarperCard can also entitle you to Box Office discounts and other savings and services.

After you have registered for the first time, you can obtain your HarperCard at the Harper College Box Office (Building J, Room J135). A photo ID, such as a driver's license or passport, and proof of Harper College registration is required. Cards are valid for three years from the date of issue.

Credit Students

Credit students are provided a HarperCard at no additional cost. Your HarperCard is paid for by part of your Student Activity fee. Replacements for lost or stolen cards are available for $5.

Continuing Education (non-credit) Students

You can get your HarperCard for a small fee:
$5 - Photo I.D. ONLY (without access to campus benefits)
$21 - Photo I.D. including access to campus benefits.
$5 - Replacement for lost or stolen cards


ID Cards available during the semester break in Building A, Room 334b.
This is located within the Center for Student Involvement.

December 17-21

Building A, Room 334b

January 2-4
Building A, Room 334b

January 7-11
Building A, Room 334b
M, T, W, TH—11am-6:30pm

The ID Card Office in Building J, Room 135 will reopen for regular business hours beginning on Monday, January 14 at 11am.