Harper College

Adult Education Bridge Programs

Think college. Think career. Think big.

Learn how to transition from HSE classes to a college level career program. Build your skills by focusing on career preparation and learn how to make college work for you.

Bridge Program classes are held in fall and spring semester. They are for those who are or have been in the HSE program at Harper.

  • Explore career options in general or in the specialized area of health care
  • Work towards your High School Equivalency (HSE) while learning about careers options.
  • Improve reading, writing, vocabulary and math skills needed for future classes and for employment.
  • Learn about Harper services such as the Career Development Services and Financial Aid.
  • Develop study strategies, learning skills and time management skills needed to succeed.
  • 9,700+ students of all ages and backgrounds were awarded $27 million in scholarships, grants and tuition waivers through Harper College (FY19). This may cover tuition/fees, living expenses, dependent care and more. Our experts are here to assist you.


Last Updated: 4/8/24