Adult Educational Development (AED)

Earn your High School Equivalency (HSE)

Your HSE will give you the credential and opportunity to go forward in your education and life. Harper College classes can help prepare you for the exams and college success.

  • Free High School Equivalency (HSE) classes to help you pass the HSE Exams and obtain a HSE Diploma.
  • Convenient classes offered morning and evening.
  • Resources to transition into College level courses.
  • Classes offered at multiple locations.
  • Convenient registration opportunities four times each ear.

How to get started on your HSE

Learn basic English

You are important to our college and community. We can help you learn basic English to prepare for a better job, help your children with their homework, or become U.S. Citizens.

The Adult English Literacy/Non-native Literacy Program teaches English to adults with less than nine years of education in their native countries. There are 5 levels of NNL classes:

  • 001 Beginning ESL Literacy
  • 002 High Beginning ESL
  • 003 Low Intermediate ESL
  • 004 Intermediate ESL
  • 005 Advanced ESL

How to get started with basic English classes