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Transition Autism Program

Supporting students on the Autism Spectrum with the transition from high school to college.

Through a multifaceted approach to academics and degree/certificate completion, the TAP Program structures the college experience by: image for Transition Autism Program

  • Focusing on strategies in making a successful transition to college life in the First Year Experience (FYS 101) Course.
  • Assisting students in setting goals and keeping themselves on track.
  • Promoting use of campus resources.
  • Providing opportunities for students to learn how to be productive and positive in the classroom.
  • Collaborating with faculty to clarify classroom etiquette.
  • Offering workshops on healthy relationships, wellness, academic success and employability/job search skills.
  • Connecting parents and creating opportunities for parents to support each other.


TAP students may attend a variety of events at Harper College and in the community including:

  • Coffee with the Access Advocates
  • Kick-off Dinner with Parents
  • Hullaballoo
  • Bowling and Mini Golf
  • Improv workshops for adults facing social challenges
  • Resume Workshop
  • Skills Employers Want Workshop
  • Interviewing 101
  • Game Days with ADS Success Club
  • Healthy Relationship Workshops
  • Disability Awareness Week events
  • Campus Mini Nights
  • Autism Awareness Day
  • Robotics Workshop
  • Weekly TAP Lunches

Application Criteria

  1. High school graduate prior to attending Harper.
  2. Apply to the college as a Degree or Certificate-Seeking Student.
  3. Apply for ADS Services and complete Intake Appointment. Application should include appropriate documentation detailing an Autism Spectrum Disorder diagnosis.
  4. Submit completed TAP Application to the ADS office.
  5. Submit ACT/SAT scores to Harper College and/or complete required placement tests.
  6. Submit high school transcript with a 2.75 out of 4.0 cumulative grade point average or above.
  7. Complete TAP Interview.

TAP is not an open enrollment program. We reserve the right to determine if a student is admitted into the program or not.

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