Distinguished Alumni Scholarship Fund

Our Proud Past. Their Strong Future.

Distinguished Alumni

Since 1967, Harper College has been making a difference in the community and transforming lives. In 2017 Harper Distinguished Alumni launched the Distinguished Alumni Scholarship Fund to support future students.

Many of our Distinguished Alumni benefitted from scholarships while they attended Harper. Because others believed in them, they strived for excellence. Now, this group is joining forces to help others have the same opportunity for success.

The fifth Distinguished Alumni Scholarship has been awarded to Serkan Gozel. Serkan is an international student from Turkey who has the goal of working in cyber security. Thanks to the Distinguished Alumni Scholarship, Serkan is a step closer to realizing his dreams.

"This scholarship will provide relief... even the smallest amount matters. My goal is to work at a software company as cyber security personnel. In 10 years, I hope to be a leader who successfully manages a whole security team."  -Serkan Gozel, 2022 Distinguished Alumni Scholarship Recipient

The award selection was made by a committee of Distinguished Alumni including Larry Moats,  John O'Halloran, Shannon Plate, Peter Soby, and Laurie Turpin-Soderholm.

For more information on the Distinguished Alumni Scholarship, please contact Shannon Hynes at 847-925-6701 or shynes@harpercollege.edu.

Investing in a Strong Future

Scholarships show students that their dreams and goals matter and that others want to invest in their future. After graduation, the students you help support will become our society’s next generation of entrepreneurs, scholars, change makers and global citizens.

Your contribution to the Distinguished Alumni Scholarship Fund serves a dual purpose — by bettering an individual life, you better the world.


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"Being a Distinguished Alumna is an honor that I cherish, and I know that I'm not alone."
Shannon Plate

Last Updated: 5/2/23