Alumni Spotlight

Our alumni have some pretty amazing stories to tell. Many Harper alumni have had overcome significant personal or financial obstacles, and have had to work hard to find their path toward success. If you have an idea for an Alumni Spotlight story, contact

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Harper Cross Country Team

After running cross country as a student at Harper College in 1969, Coach Jim Macnider never imagined he’d return to coach the very team and sport he credits with giving him the determination to stay in college and finish his education. Read More


Celebrating Harper's donors and the students' dreams they help realize. Read More


Kristina Gaardbo, co-owner of Chicago Culinary Kitchen, credits her time as a student at Harper and the years in the nursing field with giving her the foundational skills to be a successful business owner and helping launch into this chapter of her adventure. Read More

Harper alum Bilal Hussain

Ten years ago, in 2006, I started my first day as a student here at Harper. I was a first-generation college student, but I never thought too much of it until after I graduated from Harper. My parents are Pakistani Muslim immigrants who did not attend college in the United States and could not offer any guidance on how to navigate college or how to choose a career path. Read More

Michael Turgeon

Michael Turgeon is an engineer, entrepreneur, financial planner and proud Harper graduate. Although Michael’s high school friends jokingly referred to Harper as the “University of Southern Palatine,” Michael is very proud of his choice to attend Harper. Read More