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Honors Program Information for Instructors

The most valuable resource for the students at Harper and in the Honors Program is the faculty who support them. Faculty can support students in the Honors Program in a number of ways.

We always welcome faculty nominations for a student to join the program. Faculty can nominate students at any time. When we receive a nomination from a faculty member we will reach out to the student and invite the student to join Honors. However, often students will show more initiative in joining if a faculty member they know directs them to the application. So, in addition to nominating students through this form, please let your students know they can apply at any time in the year through this website.

Often students may not have a GPA or an ACT score that qualifies them for the Honors Program, but, if they are motivated and capable students, we still encourage them to apply. In those cases, a student may ask you for a letter of recommendation. You can recommend a student using this form and emailing it to us at honors@harpercollege.edu.

If you are interested in teaching a course in the Honors Program, you can find the application to do so here. For instructors applying to teach the Honors Colloquium, our Great Ideas Course, HUM 105, the application is here.


Last Updated: 12/14/23