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Home Sweet Home: Seven Remote Work Careers

The secret’s out: Working from home comes with a lot of benefits. Better work-life balance, no commute, location independence, mental health improvements, and more. So it’s no wonder companies all around the world are restructuring to meet the demand of remote work flexibility. For those looking to change careers or seek a degree or certificate that will enable you to work remotely, look no further: Harper College can help you find that dream career that leads to home, sweet home. Here are seven careers to consider.

1. Graphic Design

Some people have a knack for design. If this is you, and you want to apply your creativity and vision to the exciting world of graphic design, we have good news: You can be a professional graphic designer with a home office. Whether you want to work for an advertising agency or as a freelance designer, the graphic design industry is a great option for those looking to work from home.
Median salary: $50,158

2. Web Development

From the largest corporations to the shop around the corner, every business needs an expertly designed and user-friendly website. Earn your credentials as a web developer and lend your talents to this creative and exciting career all from the comfort of your home office. 
Median salary: $80,338

3. Marketing Specialist

The world of marketing is more flexible and expansive than ever before. What used to be an office-based career has become a multi-dimensional profession with remote work options in areas like copywriting, SEO strategy, social media management, digital advertising, and more.
Median salary: $137,950. Please note salaries vary greatly depending on the type of marketing career you seek.

4. Sales

Are you a natural born salesperson? Whether it’s for the smallest startup or the largest corporation, companies all around the world are in need of people like you. Sales careers are experiencing continuous growth and have a bright career outlook for the future. And better yet, these days you can thrive in your career right from the comfort of your home office.
Median salary: $138,510. Please note salaries vary greatly depending on the type of sales career you seek.

5. Information Technology (IT)

Between daily use of our smartphones, computers and tablets, Information Technology  is in everything we do. If you grew up with a love for technology, build on that foundational interest and turn it into a fulfilling career without the hassle of a daily commute.
Median salary: $156,466

6. Accounting

If you love analyzing data and working with numbers, accounting is the career for you. There are a variety of different accounting careers you can pursue including a tax examiner, an auditor, a financial advisor, and more. Work with one of our academic advisors and get started towards becoming, not only a successful accountant, but a successful accountant with a home office.
Median salary: $75,462. Please note salaries vary greatly depending on the type of accounting career you seek.

7. Health Information Technology (IT)

What would we do without Health Information Technicians? HIT’s are a key part of any healthcare team, ensuring the quality of medical records and analyzing patient data to improve patient care and control costs in all healthcare settings. Attend one of our Health Careers Info Sessions to learn more about the exciting HIT remote work options available to you.
Median salary: $48,624


Data provided by Emsi.


Last Updated: 10/21/22