Harper College

Frequently Asked Questions

How did DREAM get started?

DREAM officially began on April 9, 2009 as an affinity group under the leadership of the former Assistant Vice President for Diversity & Organizational Development. In May 12, 2009 the Vice President Council approved the group’s name DREAM (Diverse Relationships Engaged in Affirming Multi-Culturalism).

What is the goal of DREAM?

The mission of DREAM is to enhance the quality of life and the campus climate by promoting participation and inclusion of all ethnically diverse people in the workforce at Harper College. To that end, we support mentoring among faculty, staff, and students, networking, and faculty/staff recruitment and retention efforts. Our goal is to give ethnically diverse faculty, staff, and students a “Voice on Campus.”

What is the purpose of DREAM?

  • To work collaboratively with the College to provide equal educational and career opportunities for professional growth and advancement.
  • To work to influence and promote participation of ethnically diverse community in the heart of the campus community.
  • To improve the visibility of the ethnically diverse community by supporting the significant increase in the enrollment of students of color.
  • To promote the hiring and to increase the representation of ethnically diverse faculty and staff.
  • To provide Harper College with a diverse perspective on institutional, societal and programmatic developments.

What does a DREAM membership provide?

  • An opportunity to be mentored in our mentoring program
  • Increases your connection with other ethnically diverse colleagues
  • Provides you with opportunities to be involved on campus
  • Increasing visibility of issues related to race and ethnicity
  • Provides a safe place to bring work related issues, success and challenges
Last Updated: 12/14/23