Harper College

LAND - Learning about Abilities, not Disabilities


LAND serves as a support network for employees who have disabilities or use accommodations for access and provides campus awareness about the challenges and opportunities that employees with disabilities encounter on campus.


  • LAND promotes opportunities for mentoring and career advancement by creating network opportunities for employees with differing abilities.
  • LAND conducts and sponsors campus disability awareness events.
  • LAND offers a place for members to share resources.
  • LAND offers a safe place for members to share challenges and gain support.
  • LAND provides representation on campus initiatives for employees with disabilities.

Please email LAND@harpercollege.edu for the following purposes:

  • Information about our mission, meetings or other events.
  • Suggestions for LAND or Harper's administration to implement changes toward more physical or attitudinal access.
  • Confirm attendance at meetings.

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Last Updated: 12/14/23