Harper College Proficiency Examination Program

Departmental proficiency tests have been created by Harper College faculty for many courses not available through the CLEP program. In some academic areas, students may show proficiency through appropriate means other than written tests. Alternative forms of testing include musical performance, review of art portfolios, review of credentials, work skill evaluations, or any other means.

Follow these steps to pursue Proficiency Credit.

Step 1. Apply to the College. 

Step 2. Receive testing permission from the department chairperson. Contact the academic division office to reach the department chairperson or program coordinator that reviews the proficiency test you would like to take.

Step 3. After you have received permission, you must pay for the proficiency test in the Testing Center (Building A, Room A148). Each exam costs $30 per course credit hour. For example:

ENG101 Composition is a 3 credit hour course.  3 x  $30 per credit hour = $90 to take the ENG101 Proficiency Test.

Step 4. Make arrangements to take the test. Some tests are given in the Testing Center, while others are given by the department chairperson.

Step 5. Your test will be reviewed by the department chairperson. If you have passed your examination, departmental proficiency credit will be posted to your permanent record as ungraded credit but will not show on your end of semester grade report.

No official record is made of failures on these exams, and they can be retaken but only with the permission of the department chairperson. 

Proficiency tests (pass or fail) do not affect a student's grade point average. In some instances, reviewing the exam, and posting credit can take several weeks to complete.

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