Course Placement Testing

All new degree-seeking students are required to demonstrate initial placement levels in English and Math upon entry to the College in order to register for their first semester.

Additionally, any student wishing to register for English and/or Math courses may also need to demonstrate specific placement levels in order to satisfy a particular course prerequisite. Please be aware that some programs may require higher and/or additional means of placement.

All Engineering Pathways program applicants must complete all placement testing prior to the appropriate application deadline for consideration for program acceptance.

Harper College does not accept placement test scores from other institutions.



World Languages

Additional Information

  • Testing Accommodations: Students with disabilities can apply online for ADS Services and then call the Access & Disability Services office (847.925.6266) to schedule an intake appointment to discuss eligibility for accommodations on the placement tests.
  • Remote Testing: If a student is unable to come to Harper College's main campus for placement testing the student will be responsible for locating a Testing Center local to them to proctor the exam and any fees incurred. The student must then contact the Harper College Testing Center, 847.925.6541, to arrange the remote testing. Students may use the following link as a guide for finding acceptable testing centers to proctor the exam.

Harper College Testing Center reserves the right to deny any proctor exam request.  If you have any questions please contact us at 847.925.6541.

Last Updated: 5/10/22