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Harper College Proficiency Examination Program

Departmental proficiency tests have been created by Harper College faculty for many courses not available through the CLEP program. In some academic areas, students may show proficiency through appropriate means other than written tests. Alternative forms of testing include musical performance, review of art portfolios, review of credentials, work skill evaluations, or any other means.

Follow these steps to pursue Proficiency Credit.

Step 1. Apply to the College. 

Step 2. Receive testing permission from the academic department faculty contact. Information about the eligible courses and the individual to contact are found below. 

Step 3. After you have received permission, you must pay for the proficiency test in the Testing Center (Building A, Room A148). Each exam costs $30 per course credit hour. For example:

ENG101 Composition is a 3 credit hour course.  3 x  $30 per credit hour = $90 to take the ENG101 Proficiency Test.

Step 4. Make arrangements to take the test. Some experiences such as comprehensive tests will be given in the Testing Center, while others are given by the faculty contact. 

Step 5. The Faculty Contact will review your submission to determine if credits have been earned. If you have successfully earned course credits, they will be posted to your permanent record as ungraded credit but will not show on your end of semester grade report.

Methods for earning Credit 

Proficiency Credit can be earned by one or a combination of the following methods:

Comprehensive Exam - A exam that tests the student's understanding of the course's learning outcomes. Testing methods include, but are not limited to multiple-choice exams (paper/pencil or computer-based), written submissions/essays, short answer tests, etc. 

Portfolio Review - An assemblage of relevant materials such as industry credentials, certificates, licenses, physical artifacts such as works of art, etc. 

Practical - A "hands-on" demonstration of the necessary skills required to meet the core learning outcomes of the course. 


Courses Available

Course  Credit Hours Methodology  Faculty Contact
ACC101 - Introduction to Financial Accounting 4 Comprehensive Exam Cammy Wayne
ACC112 - Quickbooks 2 Comprehensive Exam Cammy Wayne
ECE292 - Early Childhood Practicum II 3 Portfolio Review Kathleen Nikolai
ELT110 - Introductory Electronics 4 Comprehensive Exam & Practical  George Hoeltje
ELT111 - Semiconductor Devices and Circuits 2 Comprehensive Exam & Practical  George Hoeltje
ELT120 - Introductory Industrial Electronics Maintenance 2 Comprehensive Exam & Practical  George Hoeltje
ELT140 - Introduction to Programmable Logic Controllers  2 Comprehensive Exam & Practical  George Hoeltje
ELT143 - Commercial Wiring Comprehensive Exam & Practical  George Hoeltje
EMG101 - Introduction to Emergency Management  3 Portfolio Review Sam Giordano
EMG103 - Leadership, Influence & Decision Making 3 Portfolio Review Sam Giordano
EMG107 - Incident Management Systems 3 Portfolio Review Sam Giordano
EMG150 - Public Information-Community Relations 3 Portfolio Review Sam Giordano
EMG151 - Emergency Management Policy-Planning 3 Portfolio Review Sam Giordano
EMG153 - Hazard Analysis and Mitigation 3 Portfolio Review Sam Giordano
EMG155 - Social Dimensions of Disaster 3 Portfolio Review Sam Giordano
ENG101 - Composition 3 Comprehensive Exam Maggie McKinley or Margaret King
FIS250  - Industrial Fire Protection 3 Portfolio Review Sam Giordano
FIS260 - Emergency Services Safety 3 Portfolio Review Sam Giordano
HSC104 - Health Care Technology and Informatics Comprehensive Exam Susan Grant
HSC105 - Introduction to Health Care Today 2 Comprehensive Exam Susan Grant
HSC112 - Medical Terminology 2 Comprehensive Exam Susan Grant
HSC165 - Basic Pharmacology  1 Comprehensive Exam Susan Grant
HSC201 - Advanced Pharmacology  2 Comprehensive Exam Susan Grant
HSC213 - Legal & Ethical Issues In Health Care 2 Comprehensive Exam Susan Grant
MFT105 - Machining Processes  3 Comprehensive Exam & Practical Kurt Billsten
MTP100 - Introduction to Massage Therapy 1 Comprehensive Exam Jeremy Miller
WLD110 - Welding I  3 Practical Kurt Billsten
WLD210 - Welding II  3 Practical Kurt Billsten
WLD211 - Welding III  4 Practical Kurt Billsten


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