Students can take off-site proctored placement tests using the service, ProctorU. In order to test from home, or anywhere else you're comfortable, you'll need to have a stable internet connection, a web-cam, and a secure, distraction-free environment. A secure, distraction-free environment is one with no other people or prohibited testing aides present. 

For more information about the service, please reference the FAQ's below. 

ProctorU is an online service that can monitor your computer-based testing at home, or another comfortable location while assuring Harper College the highest level of test security is being provided. 

Yes, as long you follow the directions and guidelines of the professional proctors at ProctorU, your scores would count for course placement. 

No, as long as you're scheduling your test at least 72 hours in advance. If you plan to test sooner than that, then you will be charged a late registration fee.

Yes, you should schedule a time at least 72 hours prior to when you would like to test. 

ProctorU offers incredible flexibility with 24/7 proctoring. Any time that ProctorU has available, feel free to choose that as your test time.   

At a high-level, you need to...

1. Create an account with ProctorU

2. Schedule a date and time to test

3. Login to ProctorU to connect with a proctor and take your test.

More detailed step-by-step directions can be found here

Yes, you'll find the ALEKS Math Placement test in your MyHarper Student Portal by clicking on the "REGISTRATION AND RECORDS"  icon.

Yes, you'll find the English Placement test in your MyHarper Student Portal by clicking on the "REGISTRATION AND RECORDS" icon. After that, you'll find a link for the English Placement Test in the "Testing Center" section of the page. 

At a basic level, you'll need a desktop or laptop computer with a stable internet connection and a webcam. Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Safari are the compatible internet browsers.

Tablets of any kind are not compatible with ProctorU.

More specific requirements can be found here

You can run a check by following the directions found here

Other troubleshooting questions can be answered here.