Supplemental Instruction

Fall 2023

Supplemental Instruction is available in select course sections for the Fall 2023 semester. Check your course syllabus or talk to your instructor for more information. You may also email asc@harpercollege.edu, call (847) 925-6539, or use the live chat for further details.

Supplemental Instruction (SI) offers free, out-of-class group review sessions to strengthen and reinforce content students learn in class. SI is usually offered in historically difficult courses in STEM disciplines. SI occurs at the request of faculty and is offered to students enrolled in the course sections these faculty teach. SI Leaders attend class and facilitate regular, weekly review sessions for students. Content for SI Leaders is provided by participating faculty in class and at weekly meetings with the SI Leader.

During review sessions, students compare notes, discuss readings, and develop organizational tools. Students learn how to integrate course content and study skills while working together with the SI Leader. Students can attend all or a portion of the SI session, no appointment needed. Services are free.


If you are a faculty member interested in learning more about SI or a student interested in becoming an SI Leader, please contact the ASC’s Assistant Manager, Sandra Marchetti, at ms33855@harpercollege.edu or (847) 925-6730.

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Supplemental Instruction
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For more information, please call 847.925.6539 or email asc@harpercollege.edu



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