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Fall 2023 Hours

The Success Services have in-person and online tutoring available in Fall 2023. 

Location Type M T W Th F S
On-Campus Appointment   8am to 2pm 2pm to 8pm      
Online Appointment 8am to 8pm 2pm to 8pm 8am to 2pm 8am to 8pm 8am to 4pm 9am to 2pm

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One-Hour Sessions with a Learning Specialist

Schedule an appointment on any of the following topics:

  • Study Skills
    Are your current study strategies efficient and effective? Explore what successful college students do on a weekly basis.
  • Test Taking Tips
    How do you approach test taking? Discover strategies that could improve your results.
  • Time Management
    Are you able to schedule your time effectively to accomplish all of your goals? Learn new strategies to make the most of your valuable time.
  • Memory
    Ever used an acronym or an acrostic to remember information? Learn new strategies to recall information.
  • Reducing Test Anxiety
    Does anxiety hinder your performance on a test? Learn methods to eliminate test anxiety.
  • Motivation
    What motivates you? What are your goals? How can you harness your energy to achieve a personal, academic and/or career goal?
  • Concentration
    Are you easily distracted when engaged in academics? Does your mind wander? Discover strategies that can improve your performance?
  • Reading Strategies
    Do you ever find textbooks challenging to read? Discover strategies for effective textbook reading. Successful students practice reading skills that yield results.
  • Math Strategies
    Has mathematics been your nemesis? Discover a step-by-step plan for the study of math. Gain confidence in your ability to succeed in mathematics.
  • Accounting Tips
    Understanding accounting concepts and procedures is critical to success. Study strategies specific to the subject are discussed.
  • Note-taking Skills
    Lecture and textbook notes are critical to course success. Would you benefit from suggestions of things to do before, during and after lecture?
  • Test Performance Analysis
    Unhappy with your test performance? Analyze your errors and learn new test taking strategies to improve your results.  In order to administer the Test Performance Analysis, the supervisor will contact the instructor for a copy of the most recent test, answer key and student's scantron.
  • Learning Styles
    Do you know your preferred learning style? Becoming familiar with your learning style and implementing specific recommended strategies for individual styles can have a direct effect on academic success.
  • Preparing for Finals
    Feeling overwhelmed? Not sure where to start? Helpful strategies in preparing for finals are discussed.
  • Economics Tips
    Material is presented in both verbal (text) and visual (graph) form in economics. Learn strategies that will help you plan your studying and understand the relationship between the two.
  • Online Study Tips
    Are you enrolled in an online class or thinking about enrolling in one? Learn strategies that you will need to work independently and be successful.

$30 per hour
Please call 847.925.6539 for more information and to schedule an appointment


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