Academic Support Center

Academic Support Graphic

Receive free assistance in a variety of areas.

Anatomy Room, Room F143

The Anatomy Room offers free walk-in tutoring and the use of anatomical models for students in select courses, including BIO 160 & 161.

Developmental Math Center, Room F177

The Developmental Math Center (DMC) offers free walk-in tutoring for students in the following courses:

  • MTH 055
  • MTH 065
  • MTH 070
  • MTH 080
  • MTH 081
  • MTH 085
  • MTH 097

Success Services for Students, Room F110

Academic support for Harper students. Topics include study skills, test-taking, time management, motivation, concentration, reading strategies, math strategies and note-taking. 

Supplemental Instruction, Room F110

Regularly scheduled informal review sessions offered in select classes.

Tutoring Center, Room F110

Free tutoring is available in 200+ courses. You must be enrolled in the course for which you seek help.

Writing Center, Room F110

Writing Center services are available on a walk-in or appointment basis.

Community Tutoring Center, Room F110

For a fee, Academic Support Center services are available to community members who are not enrolled as Harper students.