Writing Center

Writing Center


Get help with writing and reading issues in any Harper subject. 

  • Clarify assignment requirements
  • Guide you through steps of writing process
  • Suggest strategies for revision
  • Respond to drafts
  • Answer specific questions on structure, grammar, and content
  • Reinforce skills in building vocabulary, writing sentences, developing paragraphs, and proofreading
  • Assist with documentation
  • Offer strategies for interpreting, analyzing, and evaluating a text
  • Develop a plan for building on strengths and improving writing and reading skills

Call: 847.925.6796

Visit: Building D, Room D202

Email: writingcenter@harpercollege.edu.

Walk-in Consultations Offer Flexibility (15 minutes each)

  • Immediate responses to short questions
  • Help with starting an assignment
  • We encourage you to make an appointment to continue

Appointments Available (30 minutes each)

  • Help with starting an assignment
  • Guidance through all stages of writing process while working in the lab
  • Reader feedback on writing assignments in any Harper academic class
  • Strategies for improving your writing.


Receive online support for writing assignments.

Computer Lab

Students are always welcome to work on a paper, do research, print, check emails, or get help with using Microsoft Office programs.