Harper Talks: The Harper Alumni Podcast

Harper Talks Alumni PodcastA co-production of Harper Alumni Program and WHCM Radio.

Listen in as Harper alumni share their stories, experiences, and life journeys. Through Harper Talks conversations led by Assistant Professor of Communication Arts Brian Shelton, Alumni are invited to share how education, career successes and failures and human connection have impacted them along the way.

Harper Talks is a co-production of WHCM 88.3 Harper Student Radio and the Harper Alumni Relations. WHCM students assist with editing and production of each episode. Original podcast theme music composed by Harper student Aidan Cashman.

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portrait of Laurie Turpin-Soderholm

Harper Talks Show 10 - Laurie Turpin-Soderholm - MP3

On this month's episode of Harper Talks, Assistant Professor of Communication Arts, Brian Shelton, is joined by Harper's own distinguished alumni and community pillar, Laurie Turpin-Soderholm. Currently acting as Senior Project Manager of Global Access Meetings, Turpin-Soderholm revels about how her time at Harper led to not only her academic success, an alumni of both Georgetown and Northwestern respectively, but also her eventual success in this industry and what led her to it. Join the pair in conversation as they relish in her worldly experiences and how it has all led her back to Harper, where she serves as co-chair to Harper's Alumni Committee as well as her involvement with Harper's Giving Committee. Tune in and learn from how her time at Harper, or her self-proclaimed "launch pad", had led her to where she is today. Download Episode 10 Transcript.

portrait of Jake Sadoff

Harper Talks Show 9 - Jacob Sadoff - MP3

Jacob Sadoff is co-owner of Restore Hair and an active coach of Harper College's Speech Team. His time at Northern Illinois University was spent learning and opening a toy distributor with his twin brother Jordan. Over time the pair would found even more companies such as Goldmax and Restore. Tune in as Jacob and Assistant Professor of Communication Arts Brian Shelton discuss philanthropy, the communities we are from, and serial entrepreneurship in this episode of Harper Talks. Download Episode 9 Transcript.

portrait of Laura Pulio Colbert

Harper Talks Show 8 - Laura Pulio Colbert - MP3

Assistant professor of communication arts, Brian Shelton welcomes director of theatre, Laura Pulio Colbert on the latest episode of Harper Talks. Laura discusses her own journey from Harper to Harper. Colbert was a Harper College graduate, class of 1983, and eventually made her way back to serve the college as a staff member. Join the pair as they discuss Colbert’s own experience with community college and the transfer process, reflect on Harper then and now, delve into college not only being a place for education but also a place for personal development, the value of arts education and one of her greatest revelations had over a buffalo chicken sandwich. There’s so much to gain from Colbert’s honest, insightful and humorous retelling of her own career and life path, all laid out in this months episode of Harper Talks. Download Episode 8 Transcript.

portrait of Raeghan Graessle, Marie Lapidus, Kevin Long

Harper Talks Bonus Show 7 - Teaching in a Pandemic - MP3

In a special bonus episode of Harper Talks Assistant Professor of Communication Arts, Brian Shelton, is joined by his colleagues to discuss the adjustments and adaptations they have made this past year in response to the shifting educational environment. Assistant Professor of Physics, Raeghan Graessle, Assistant Professor of Business and Entrepreneurship, Marie Lapidus and Associate Professor of Speech, Kevin Long, all join Brian Shelton in conversation about their first hand experience with transitioning to isolated learning.. Download Episode 7 Transcript.

portrait of Jamie Pritscher

Harper Talks Show 6 - Jamie Pritscher - MP3

2013's Distinguished Alumni award-winner Jamie Pritscher comes from a family of entrepreneurs, drawing from that when she co-founded That's Caring, a socially-conscious and eco-friendly solution to gift baskets. Jamie also founded nuphoriq, a full-service marketing agency specializing in the catering industry, as well as sitting on the boards of the Community Character Coalition and Friends of Busse Woods. Join Jamie and Assistant Professor of Communication Arts Brian Shelton as they discuss getting started, getting involved, and how working for yourself can really be. Download Episode 6 Transcript.

portrait of Greg Cadichon

Harper Talks Show 5 - Greg Cadichon - MP3

2019 Distinguished Alumni Greg Cadichon injured his hamstring training for a National Junior College Athletic Association track meet while enrolled at Harper College. He is no stranger to hardship, and the experience proved to be an education. During the recovery from his injury he became fascinated with the rehabilitation process, eventually founding Rebound Fitness in Northbrook. Join Greg and Assistant Professor of Communication Arts Brian Shelton as they discuss focusing in school, finding a calling, and more on Harper Talks. Download Episode 5 Transcript.

Reveca Torres

Harper Talks Show 4 - Reveca Torres - MP3

Reveca Torres earned her associate degree from Harper College in 2002, and went on to earn a degree in theatre arts from the University of Arizona in 2004. This is a path made difficult by her paralysis, caused by a car accident at 13 years of age. In 2009, Reveca Torres founded Backbones, a non-profit providing support for individuals with spinal cord injuries. Listen in as Reveca Torres and Assistant Professor of Communication Arts Brian Shelton discuss accessibility, her artistic work, and accomplishments on Harper Talks. Download Episode 4 Transcript.

Joe McEnery

Harper Talks Show 3 - Joe McEnery - MP3

Alumnus Joe McEnery attended Harper College then majored in education at Illinois State University and taught for 4 years as a middle school teacher. With that beginning you would not assume Joe McEnery would be where he is today, a lieutenant and paramedic in the Elk Grove Village Fire Rescue Department. His experience at Harper College has shaped his career as a public servant. Join Joseph McEnery and Assistant Professor of Communication Arts Brian Shelton as they discuss making life changing career decisions, service to the community and more topics on Harper Talks. Download Episode 3 Transcript.

Ann Portmann

Harper Talks Show 2 - Ann Portmann - MP3

Ann Portmann had a 20-year career as a financial planner and accountant before she discovered a different calling in nursing. Her experience in the Harper College nursing program started her on the path to earning hospice, palliative nurse, and wound care certifications. She works as the care team manager at JourneyCare Barrington and is a 2020 Harper College Distinguished Alumni. Join Ann Portmann and Assistant Professor of Communication Arts Brian Shelton as they discuss career leaps, hospice care, and more topics on Harper Talks.  Download Episode 2 Transcript.

Scott Lietzow

Harper Talks Show 1 - Scott Lietzow - MP3

Scott Lietzow is the Harper College 2020 Outstanding Recent Alumni Honoree. Having served in the U.S. Marine Corps, Scott Lietzow used the G.I. Bill to earn an education at Harper College. Hear as he and Assistant Professor of Communication Arts Brian Shelton discuss how his time at Harper College and in the Marines prepared Scott for his future. Scott became a member of former U.S. Rep. Bob Dold's congressional campaign and would come to work at Allstate as a military talent senior consultant. Download Episode 1 Transcript.

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