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General Education Learning Outcomes

Encourage students to develop the knowledge, skills and attitudes required of all educated individuals.

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The general education learning outcomes are achieved as a result of successful completion of the general education requirements for any degree program. The outcomes state that upon completion of a degree program, the student should be able to effectively:


Communicate information and concepts in oral and written formats.

  • Status: A full-scale assessment is being conducted in 2023-2024. Assessment progress was evaluated in the previous year, after a follow-up assessment was completed in spring 2022.

Critical Thinking

Use evidence to develop arguments, make decisions, and evaluate outcomes.

  • Status: An improvement plan is being developed in 2023-2024. A full-scale assessment was conducted in the previous year, after an evaluation was completed in 2021-2022.

Diverse Perspectives and Cultures

Examine diverse perspectives and cultures as they relate to the individual, the community, and the global society.

Information Literacy

Apply a variety of credible sources to support a given topic.

Quantitative Reasoning

Use quantitative analytical skills to interpret and evaluate problems.

  • Status: A follow-up assessment is being conducted in 2023-2024. An improvement plan was implemented in the previous year, after it was developed in spring 2022.

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Last Updated: 12/14/23