Institutional Success - Facilities

Major Capital Expenditures measures the annual amount spent for new buildings, renovations, and additions. FY2020 expenditures did not reach the annual target due to the construction delay on the Canning Center, which is waiting for funding from the state, as well as major capital projects schedules spanning multiple fiscal years. However, all major projects other than the Canning Center were either completed on time or were on schedule.

Expected = An amount equivalent to the amount of planned expenditures

The amount spent for new buildings, renovations and additions.
Harper College Administrative Services

Major Preventative Maintenance Expenditures measures the amount of preventative maintenance funds expended. Major preventative maintenance expenditures are reported in annual and cumulative amounts. The College spent $43.5 million of preventative maintenance funds through FY2019, exceeding the FY2019 target.

Expected = FY2019 goal of $40 million

The amount of the $40 million allocated for preventative maintenance expended.
Harper College Administrative Services

Energy Consumption measures the energy consumed by fuel per gross square foot (GSF) of campus space, measured in British thermal units (BTUs). Harper’s energy consumption has been within or below the target range of 156,000-166,000 BTU/GSF since FY2016.  In FY2020, energy consumption reached a low of 136,095 BTU/GSF.

Expected = 156,000-166,000 BTU/GSF

Energy consumed by fuel per GSF of campus space, measured in British thermal units (BTUs).


Last Updated: 12/14/23