Harper College

Undecided at Application

Reduce the number of “undecided” students at time of application from 25% to 15% by fall 2018.

Final Target Status > > Not Achieved

  • The number of undecided students at the time of application decreased from 25.1% in fall 2016 to 18.0% in fall 2017 and subsequently increased to 19.8% in fall 2018. These data represent an improvement, but did not meet the target of a 10% decrease.
  • The team also looked for the improvement in first-time in college, degree-seeking students who enrolled at Harper. Data for these students show a 14.1% decrease in “undecided” from 38.9% in fall 2016 to 24.8% in fall 2017, with a subsequent increase to 33.9% for fall 2018.
Last Updated: 12/14/23