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Strategic Directions

Inclusion — Foster an environment that values and respects each member of Harper’s diverse community and actively encourages cross-cultural engagement.

Supporting Paragraph: Harper is committed to a culturally responsive environment that makes all members of our community feel confident that the full extent of their humanity and contributions are recognized and honored. An environment that welcomes, values, and respects all members of the College’s diverse community-across the spectrums of ability, academic preparedness, age, ethnicity, faith, gender expression, identities, race, and more-fosters a culture where all feel safe to participate, in open and respectful discourse, without fear of discrimination or marginalization.

Engagement — Foster and support a culture of engagement throughout the College.

Supporting Paragraph: Engagement refers to students' active participation in and out of the classroom and collective ownership of the learning process by students, faculty, staff, community partners, and residents. A "culture of engagement" expects and empowers everyone to take responsibility for building and maintaining positive connections throughout the Harper community. Harper College aims to achieve equity in engagement across all student groups according to their needs.

Achievement — Enhance and support the academic environment in ways that lead to increased student achievement and facilitate greater equity of student success across demographic groups.

Supporting Paragraph: Achievement comes in many forms (academic and personal) and directly refers to supporting an academic environment that leads to greater equity. The ultimate objective of the direction is to provide the type of academic environment that leads to student success and improves academic achievement across diverse communities of students. Diverse communities are defined in the Inclusion Strategic Direction and include spectrums of ability, academic preparedness, age, ethnicity, faith, gender expression, identities, race, and more.

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