Harper College

Bridge to First College-Level Course

75% of Bridge students who successfully complete a bridge will also successfully complete a college-level course.

Final Target Status  > >Achieved

The strategy team successfully completed a two-semester pilot of the GED Student Transitions model. The primary target group was comprised of 34 former Bridge and TechConnect students. Additionally, 120 students involved in either GED instruction or a Bridge program, were supported. The primary outcome of the pilot was to increase the success of Adult Education Program (AED) Bridge students as they transition to their first credit (career) class. The criterion for success was that students transitioning from the AED Bridge will achieve a rate of success (a grade of C or better) at or higher than students in the general population.

The results indicated that students in the pilot (n=34) achieved a success rate of 82% in their first credit class, while the general population of students (n=611) in the same class achieved a success rate of only 76%. Thus, the achievement rate of the pilot students exceeded that of the general population by 6%. This is considered a highly successful outcome.

Based on this outcome, the strategy team recommended that the GED Transitions strategy be institutionalized. The College has accepted and implemented this recommendation effective FY2013.

Last Updated: 12/14/23