Harper College

Process When the Accused is the Student

In situations where gender-based or sexual misconduct by one or more students is alleged, the investigation is usually conducted by the Student Conduct Officer (although other employees may serve in this role). The details of this process can be found on the Student Conduct website and in the Student Code of Conduct. Essentially, the complainant and the respondent (as well as any witnesses) are interviewed separately. An investigation summary is completed, which includes all relevant information from the investigation along with a finding of responsibility based on the information. The complainant and respondent can each (separately) view the summary and provide written response to it.  The summary and any responses are forwarded to a hearing officer (usually the Dean of Students, although others may be appointed) to review and issue a final decision about both finding of responsibility and any sanctions. These decisions may be appealed by the respondent or complaint.  Appeals are generally heard by the Provost. Any questions about this process can be directed to the College‚Äôs Student Conduct Officer.

Resolution Process

Last Updated: 12/14/23