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Training for Employees

The individuals involved in the investigation and resolution procedures all receive annual training to ensure that the process protects the safety of victims and promotes accountability for individuals who violate college policies. To that end, the Title IX Coordinators, Dean of Students, Student Conduct Officer, Employee Relations Manager, and any other persons designated to investigate or adjudicate cases all receive training on the following:

  • Training or experience in handling sexual violence complaints
  • Training or experience in the operation of the school’s grievance procedures
  • Information on working with and interviewing persons subjected to sexual violence
  • Information on particular types of conduct that would constitute sexual violence, including: same-sex sexual violence
  • Information on consent and the possible role of drugs or alcohol in the ability to consent
  • The importance of accountability for persons found to have committed sexual violence
  • The need for remedial actions for the perpetrator, complainant, and school community
  • The effects of trauma, including neurobiological change
  • Cultural awareness training regarding how sexual violence may affect students differently,depending on their cultural backgrounds
  • How both trauma and defense mechanisms can play out in a hearing
  • Dispelling common misperceptions about sexual assault in society (e.g., “rape myths”)

Resolution Process

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