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Formal Reporting

As Harper College wishes to investigate and address gender-based and sexual misconduct, you are encouraged to make formal reports of incidents so that they may be investigated and addressed. This is considered official notice to the institution.  By reporting formally, you have the right to expect to have your report be taken seriously by the institution and to have a fair, prompt, and impartial investigation and resolution occur.

During this time, only people who need to know will be told and information will be shared only as necessary with investigators, witnesses, the accused individual(s) and advisor(s), the Title IX Coordinator(s), or other such persons involved in the processes.  All proceedings will be conducted by College officials who receive annual training on sexual/gender-based misconduct, including how to conduct investigations and resolutions that protect the safety of victims and promote accountability.  Please be aware that if you file a formal report, your name and the relevant reported information may be known to the individual.

You may wish to consider this option if you:

  • Would like action taken by the College, such as the individual facing campus conduct or employment action if he/she is found responsible for violating college policy
  • Would like the College to be aware of the situation in case it happens again

In addition, if you believe you have been a victim of a crime, you have the option to report to law enforcement – both on-campus and to local law enforcement within your community; to be assisted by Harper College police in notifying local law enforcement; or to decline to report the incident to law enforcement.

To file a formal complaint, complete the online incident report. Write as much information as you know and feel comfortable writing. This report is submitted directly to the College’s Title IX Coordinators. You will then be contacted by one of them for a follow up interview – this usually occurs within the next College business day. You can bring a person to support you to that interview as well as any other part of the investigation and resolution process.

What about anonymous reporting?

If you would like to report an incident but remain anonymous, you can do so using the College’s online incident reporting form.  Just leave your name and contact information off the form. The College will still investigate the situation to the best of its ability without your involvement beyond filing the initial reporting form.

Reporting Options

Last Updated: 12/14/23