Mission, Vision, Philosophy, Core Values


Harper College enriches its diverse communities by providing quality, affordable, and accessible education. Harper College, in collaboration with its partners, inspires the transformation of individual lives, the workforce, and society.


We will be an innovative and inclusive institution, the community’s first choice, and a national leader for student success.

Philosophy Statement

We, at Harper College, believe that our charge is to facilitate active learning and foster the knowledge, critical thinking and life/work skills required for participation in our global society. We work with our community partners to enrich the intellectual, cultural and economic fabric of our district. We believe that excellence in education must occur in an ethical climate of integrity and respect. We hold that the strength of our society is rooted in our diversity and that it is through synergy that we achieve excellence.

Core Values

    Result: An environment where relationships and practices are based on trust. Key Action: Be responsible and accountable for your own actions.
    Result: Interactions which add dignity to ourselves, our relationships with others and our organization. Key Action: Value and celebrate the uniqueness of individuals.
    Result: Student, employee and organizational success through a creative and responsive work environment by exceeding the needs and expectations of all. Key Action: Effectively anticipate, identify and respond to learner, employee and organizational needs.
    Result: Accomplishment of better results by working together than otherwise likely to occur by working alone. Key Action: Address issues as they arise and take necessary actions to productively resolve them.