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About the Success Services

The Success Services are dedicated to guiding students through every aspect of their academic journey, offering tools and strategies to help them thrive in their college experience.
The one-hour sessions cover a broad range of essential academic skills and strategies:

  • Study Skills: Assisting students in exploring and refining efficient and effective study strategies.
  • Test Taking Tips: Helping students discover strategies that could improve their test-taking results.
  • Time Management: Guiding students in scheduling their time effectively to accomplish all their goals.
  • Memory: Teaching students new strategies to recall information, including the use of acronyms and acrostics.
  • Reducing Test Anxiety: Offering methods to help students eliminate test anxiety.
  • Motivation: Encouraging students to understand their motivations and goals, and learn how to achieve them.
  • Concentration: Aiding students who are easily distracted or find their minds wandering with strategies to improve their performance.
  • Reading Strategies: Assisting students in developing effective textbook reading strategies.
  • Math Strategies: Supporting students who find mathematics challenging, with a step-by-step study plan.
  • Accounting Tips: Discussing study strategies specific to understanding accounting concepts and procedures.
  • Note-taking Skills: Providing suggestions for effective note-taking before, during, and after lectures.
  • Test Performance Analysis: Analyzing students' test performances to improve their results. This includes contacting instructors for test materials.
  • Learning Styles: Helping students become familiar with their preferred learning styles and implementing recommended strategies.
  • Preparing for Finals: Discussing helpful strategies in preparing for finals.
  • Economics Tips: Teaching strategies to understand the verbal and visual presentation of material in economics.
  • Online Study Tips: Offering strategies for students enrolled in or considering online classes.

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For more information, please call 847.925.6539 or email asc@harpercollege.edu

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