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  • Credit hours: 32
  • Stackable to degree: Yes
  • Potential job outcomes: 
    Instructional assistant, paraprofessional educator, teacher's aide

Prepare for a career as a paraprofessional educator by completing this 32-credit-hour certificate program. You’ll develop the skills and knowledge needed to work with children in non-title I positions in K-12 public or private schools.

Also known as instructional assistants or teacher’s aides, paraprofessional educators work in a variety of settings such as classrooms, computer labs and the outdoors. They assist with tasks including instruction, grading assignments, supervision and child development. 

Take classes in educational psychology, students with disabilities in school, diversity in schools and society, technology in education, child development, children’s literature and more. All courses are taught by expert faculty who are extremely knowledgeable in the field of education.

Coursework completed for this program can be applied to the Paraprofessional Educator AAS Degree.

Certificate program requirements

This 61 credit-hour program is designed to promote the development of skills necessary when working with children in Title 1 programs in the K-12 public or private school classrooms. Students must complete both the required courses for the program and 21 hours of approved electives.

F = Fall only course S = Spring only course U = Summer only course


Number Course Title Credits Category
EDU 201 3 Program Requirement
ENG 101 3 AAS General Education
Mathematics2 3 AAS General Education
PSY 101 3 AAS General Education
Humanities 3 AAS General Education


Number Course Title Credits Category
ECE 102 3 Program Requirement
EDU 211 3 Program Requirement
Electives3 6 Program Requirement
SPE 101 3 AAS General Education


Number Course Title Credits Category
EDU 219 3 Program Requirement
EDU 250 3 Program Requirement
Electives3 6 Program Requirement
LIT 219 3 Program Requirement


Number Course Title Credits Category
EDU 202  S   1 Program Requirement
EDU 230  S   3 Program Requirement
EDU 220 + 3 Program Requirement
Electives3 6 Program Requirement
PSC 101 3 AAS General Education

2 - Students must place into 100-level mathematics or higher. If a student does not place into 100-level math, they may seek to retake the math placement exam or complete math courses through the 080 level to meet math requirements. Students that place into 100-level mathematics or higher can take a 3 credit-hour AAS General Education elective. See full list of AAS General Education Electives.

3 - Select from: ANT 101, 202, ART 105, 130, ECE 101, 226, 250, 252, ENG 102, ESC 110, GEG 101, HST 111, 112, LNG 105, MTH 130, 131, PHY 110, PSY 217, 228, SGN 101, SPE 101.

+ - This course meets the World Cultures and Diversity graduation requirement.

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Next steps

For more information about the paraprofessional educator program, contact Admission Outreach at 847.925.6700, or submit a request information form. You can also apply online.