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Paths of Study

Take one or more core courses, then consider a path of study.

Philosophy Core Courses

  • PHI 101 Critical Thinking 
  • PHI 105 Introduction to Philosophy
  • PHI 115 Ethics
  • PHI 205 Religions of the World 

For Philosophy Majors

For courses that might be a core of a philosophy major, taking PHI 105 and consider the additional courses:

  • PHI 102 Symbolic Logic
  • PHI 231 History of Philosophy – Ancient and Medieval
  • PHI 232 History of Philosophy - Modern
  • PHI 190 Feminist Philosophy
  • PHI 120 Social and Political Philosophy

Ethical Issues

For those interested in ethical issues, once you have taken PHI 115, you might enjoy:

  • PHI 120 Social and Political Philosophy
  • PHI 150 Business Ethics
  • PHI 170 Environmental Ethics
  • PHI 180 Biomedical Ethics
  • PHI 210 Death and Dying

Religion and World Cultures

For those interested in religion and world cultures, in addition to PHI 205, you might enjoy:

  • PHI 160 Non-Western Philosophy
  • PHI 215 Religion in America
  • PHI 220 Philosophy of Religion
  • PHI 210 Death and Dying

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