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Careers in Emergency Disaster Management

With an associate's degree in emergency disaster management, you can become a public safety dispatcher, community health worker, social and human service assistant, or light delivery services driver.

With experience, you can become an emergency manager specialist, emergency services manager, emergency management or environmental compliance planner, emergency operations director, emergency disaster coordinator, or mental health worker.

You may be on-call for weeks and travel on short notice. This can present new experiences and challenges. Tasks you may be responsible for include emergency planning, prevention, response, recovery, disaster assistance, evacuating areas, setting up shelters, restoring power, and delivering food, medicine, and other supplies. You may also provide social services.

You will use communication and warning systems, emergency management software, and maps to perform your duties. Career opportunities in emergency disaster management are diverse and offer the chance to help people in their time of need.

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Emergency and Disaster Management Career Profiles

Last Updated: 4/8/24