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Careers in History

Those who study history have a wide-range of career options available to them, from research, publishing and education to management, politics and law. The lessons of history and the skills gained in its study can be applied to almost any career or area of modern life.

Some history students seek careers as archivists, historians, or museum conservators. Practitioners in these fields discover, preserve, and retell important stories of the past for the benefit of today's and future generations. To succeed in this profession requires careful precision and being able to see the big picture of how history can influence the present and future. Excellent communication skills are necessary to aid in student learning, positive museum guest experiences, effective museum display design, while also producing educational materials.

Another profession includes teaching history at the secondary or college level, performing research, writing and consulting. Many history students continue to graduate programs in history, education or law.

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History Career Profiles

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Last Updated: 4/8/24