Meet the faculty of the Mathematics program at Harper College:

Yelda Aydin-Mullen

Phone: 847.925.6772

Office: D253b

Lisa Blaylock

Assistant Professor
Phone: 847.925.6158

Office: D231B

Jeremy Chamberlain

Assistant Professor
Phone: 847.925.6120

Office: D211a

William Clark

Phone: 847.925.6699

Office: D211D

Karega Cooper

Associate Professor
Phone: 847.925.6091

Office: D233C

Geoffrey Durian

Associate Professor
Phone: 847.925.6671

Office: D233B

John Gately

Associate Professor
Phone: 847.925.6698

Office: D251C

Jason Andrew Geary

Professor, Math Department Chair
Phone: 847.925.6526
Office: D237A

Jason James

Associate Professor, Computer Science Department Chair
Phone: 847.925.6697
Office: D253A

Kyle Knee

Assistant Professor, Adjunct Coordinator
Phone: 847.925.6867
Office: D231C

Muhandiramge Koswatta

Phone: 847.925.6445

Office: D211B

Minhua Liu

Phone: 847.925.6213

Office: D211E

Daniel Loprieno

Phone: 847.925.6209

Office: D211A

America Masaros

Associate Professor
Phone: 847.925.6339

Office: D251A

Jonathan Meshes

Associate Professor
Phone: 847.925.6463

Office: D251B

Cara Mullen

Assistant Professor
Phone: 847.925.6178

Office: D235b

Kimberley Polly

Interim Dean
Phone: 847.925.6732
Office: Y103a

Charlotte Schulze-Hewett

Associate Professor
Phone: 847.925.6405

Office: D231A

Chad Taylor

Phone: 847.925.6251

Office: D235A

Michele Thoele

Phone: 847.925.6594
Office: D233A




Last Updated: 7/5/22