Harper College

Action Research

Implement Action Research professional development opportunities for faculty by June 2019.

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  • Implemented two online courses on Action Research with a total of 27 faculty participating. The courses were led by two faculty coaches and focused on examining classroom practices and student behaviors relevant to students’ success. As part of this work, six participants from the Action Research course were able to attend a Lilly conference entitled Evidence-based Teaching and Learning. Upon returning from the conference, the attendees hosted a brown bag seminar for faculty and deans to share what was learned in connection to current or potential future Action Research projects/topics.

    Results of a post-survey in each course indicate that 67% of faculty learned a lot about conducting Action Research and an additional 38% learned a moderate amount. When asked if they would be interested in doing a longer more in-depth Action Research project, 40% indicated yes and an additional 35% indicated maybe.

    Action Research work will continue through the Academy for Teaching Excellence and graduate equivalency courses in Action Research are scheduled for fall 2019 and spring 2020.
Last Updated: 12/14/23