Harper College

Open Educational Resources

Implement Open Educational Resources (OER) pilot with at least ten faculty members by June 2019.

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  • OER Transformation grants were developed and awarded to faculty who committed to using OER for a minimum of three consecutive semesters. The grant supports faculty efforts to reduce the costs associated with textbooks and course materials while maintaining high quality course design and instruction.

    In spring 2019, 20 faculty implemented OER/no-cost/low-cost course materials in 36 sections, impacting 877 students. It is anticipated that fall 2019 implementation will double these numbers and an additional $75,000 has been allocated to continue offering OER Transformation grants in FY2020.

    Early impact on students include:
    • Estimated student savings in spring 2019 was between $45,000- $70,000
    • Total grant investment for spring 2019 was $27,000.
    • Success rate for spring 2019 OER pilot sections was 73.8%, exceeding the 70.3% success rate for comparable spring and fall 2018 sections.
    • 50.9% of students rated the quality of OER course materials as slightly higher or much higher than non-OER courses.
Last Updated: 12/14/23