Open Bids

NOTE: If your company is interested in submitting a response to any of these bids or request for proposals and would like to receive any addendums that are issued, please send an email to the Purchasing Department, at so that we can add your company name to the vendor list.

Bid # Due Date Time Description Pre-Bid Meeting
Q00978 October 25, 2019 11:00 a.m.

Algonquin Road Marquee Sign Improvements

October 15, 2019 at 3:00 p.m. in Building W, Room W-218
Q00977 November 7, 2019 2:00 p.m.

Key Management System

October 22, 2019 at 2:00 p.m. in Building W, Room W-219
Q00973 July 31, 2019 11:00 a.m.

Building J Masonry Repairs

July 22, 2019 at 2:00 p.m. in Building A, Room A-315BC
Q00971 July 18, 2019 2:00 p.m.

Constituent Relationship Management Solution

June 27, 2019 at 2:00 p.m. in Building A, Room A-315BC
Q00970 June 27, 2019 11:00 a.m.

Harper Professional Center (HPC) Paving Improvements

June 18, 2019 at 2:00 p.m. in Room 221 at HPC, 650 E. Higgins Rd., Schaumburg, IL

Awarded Bids

Bid # Awarded to Description Approved by Board
Q00975 RH Perry & Associates

Higher Education Executive Search Firm

October 9, 2019
Q00974 Stuckey Construction

Building X, Suite X-250 Renovations

September 18, 2019
Q00972 Cargill

Furnish & Deliver F.O.B. Destination Bulk Sodium Chloride

August 21, 2019
Q00968 Orbis Construction Company

Building M Accessibility Improvements

June 26, 2019
Q00967 Project on Hold

Architectural Services for William Rainey Harper College University Center

Q00966 CenterPoint Energy

Natural Gas Supply Services

June 26, 2019
Q00965 AEP Energy, Inc.

Electric Power Supply Services

June 26, 2019
Q00964 Sport Surface Pros, LLC

2019 Tennis Court Renovations

June 26, 2019
Q00963 Proven IT

Remove, Furnish & Install Digital Press

April 24, 2019
Q00962 CampusWorks, Inc.

Accounting & Finance & Human Capital Management Application Internal Project Management Services

June 26, 2019
Q00961 Precise Printing Network, Inc.

Printing & Mailing of the Continuing Education Course Schedules

April 24, 2019
Q00960 Copenhaver Construction, Inc.

2019 Sidewalk & Concrete Maintenance

April 24, 2019
Q00959 Pavement Systems, Inc.

2019 Pavement Maintenance

April 24, 2019
Q00958 Solaris Roofing Solutions, Inc.

2019 Roof Safety Improvements

April 24, 2019
Q00957 Q Center

Conference Center, Room & Dining Accommodations for Harper College Leadership Institute Immersion Experience

May 15, 2019
Q00956 S&K Building Services

Furnish All Necessary Supplies, Labor & Equipment for Professional Window Cleaning Service

March 13, 2019

Oracle America, Inc., Highstreet IT Solutions, LLC

Accounting and Finance and Human Capital Management Application Software/Service/Management

June 26, 2019
Q00954 Pro Fence II

2019 Construction Lot Screening

February 20, 2019
Q00953 N/A

Furnish & Deliver Sonography Machine & Accessories

Q00952 Scientific Spectrum

Furnish, Deliver & Install Laser Cutter & Engraver Machines

March 13, 2019
Q00951 Chicago Flyhouse, Inc.

Remove, Furnish & Install Theater Curtains

March 13, 2019
Q00950 MG Mechanical Contracting

Building P Chiller Plant Refrigerant System

February 20, 2019
Q00949 Datamation Imaging Services

Human Resources Scanning & Software Services

May 15, 2019
Q00948 No Award

Furnish & Deliver F.O.B. Destination Bulk Sodium Chloride

Q00947 Bids Rejected

Furnish, Deliver & Install Laser Cutter and Engraver Machines

Q00946 Gladwin Machinery & Supply

Furnish, Deliver & Install Sheet Metal Pallet Rack Storage System

February 20, 2019
Q00945 Boller Construction

2018 Winter Projects

December 12, 2018
Q00944 Stuckey Construction Company, Inc.

Building A, Room A-364 Renovation

November 14, 2018
Q00943 Key Code Media

Furnish, Deliver & Install Mass Media Lab Equipment

November 14, 2018
Q00942 Grand Appliance

Electric Induction Ranges

November 14, 2018
Q00941 Bids Rejected

Building M Gymnasium Floor Resurfacing

Q00940 Bids Rejected

Professional Window Cleaning Services

Q00939 Perfect Cleaning Services

Professional Janitorial Services

November 14, 2018
Q00938 RFB Cancelled

Furnish, Deliver & Install Sheet Metal Rack Storage System


Interactive Building Solutions

Utility Sub Metering

October 17, 2018

Riddiford Roofing Company

Building R Flytower Roof Removal and Replacement

October 17, 2018

RFB Cancelled

Furnish, Deliver, & Install Performing Arts Center Equipment Replacement


Tovar Snow Professionals

Snow & Ice Management Services

September 19, 2018

Bids Rejected

Utility Sub Metering


Reef LLC

Mass Communications Media Lab & Math Classroom Renovation

September 19, 2018

ACR, Inc.

Emergency Restoration Services

November 14, 2018

Patriot Pavement Maintenance Inc.

2018 Pavement Maintenance

June 20, 2018

Copenhaver Construction Inc.

2018 Sidewalk & Concrete Maintenance

June 20, 2018

Q Center

Conference Center, Room, & Dining Accommodations for Harper College Leadership Institute Immersion Experience

June 20, 2018

Monson Nicholas Inc.

Utility Tunnel Infrastructure Upgrades, Phase 1

June 20, 2018

Reef LLC

Building W Renovations

June 20, 2018

Clarus Corporation

2019 Community Scan

August 15, 2018

PACE Systems, Inc.

Building M Audio Visual Package

April 18, 2018
Q00922  Supertech Inc.

Pixy Phantom for Health Careers


Stuckey Construction Company Inc.

2018 Summer Work Project

April 18, 2018

Emeric Facility Services

Janitorial Services Building M

June 20, 2018
Q00918 ABM Industry Groups Temporary Contractual Staffing Services - Custodians May 16, 2018

ABM Industry Groups & Eco Clean Maintenance

Temporary Contractual Staffing Services -  Groundskeepers

May 16, 2018

Quantum Sign Corporation

External Signs for Refurbishment

February 21, 2018

Rabine Paving LLC

Parking Lot 1 Redevelopment

April 18, 2018

Breezy Hill Nursery

2018 Athletic Field Maintenance

April 18, 2018

Cardinal State

2018 Campus Landscape Enhancement

April 18, 2018

Follett Higher Education Group, Inc.

Course Materials and Campus Store Solutions

April 18, 2018

Applied Communications

Buildings M & U Communications Cabling

January 17, 2018

Direct Fitness Solutions, Life Fitness & Matrix Fitness

Building M Recreation Center Equipment

February 21, 2018

Chicago Commercial Construction

Building B_U_M Utility Tunnel

December 13, 2017

NAS Recruitment Innovation

Recruitment Advertising

November 15, 2017

Marketing Partnerships International

Mass Media Buying Agency - Marketing Services

November 15, 2017


Digital Media Buying Agency - Marketing Services

November 15, 2017