Careers in Interior Design

A career in interior design involves creating functional and visually appealing spaces for clients. This can include anything from designing the layout and furnishings for a single room, such as home kitchens and baths, to planning the physical layout of an entire building. As an interior designer, budget, purpose, and architectural preferences must also be taken into consideration.

One of the most important tasks is space planning, ensuring that a given space is used in the most efficient and practical way possible. In addition, understanding how to effectively use color coordination can enhance a space and bring the overall design together.

With computer-aided design tools readily available, it's easier than ever to bring a client's vision to life and create truly exceptional spaces. If you have an eye for aesthetics and enjoy problem solving, a career in interior design may be a great fit for you.

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Interior Design Career Profiles

Interior designers transform interior spaces for homes, including kitchen and baths, and workplaces. Get detailed infomation on career outlook, salaries, current open positions and major employers in the Chicago region.

Last Updated: 5/23/23