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Perspective & Rendering Certificate

Learn the fundamentals of perspective and rendering for interior design

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  • Credit hours: 15
  • Stackable to degree: No
  • Potential job outcomes: Interior design assistant

Get an introduction to the perspective and rendering aspects of interior design with this 15-credit-hour certificate program. Classes focus on the theory and fundamentals of design, interior design studio, interior perspective and rendering, problem solving/design communication and advanced sketching/perspective drawing.

You’ll work alongside skilled faculty who are experts in their fields and well-respected in the interior design industry. Study in Harper Colleges’ design rooms, which are equipped with drafting tables, displays, a lighting lab and kitchen cabinetry. A computer lab specifically for interior design students features modern equipment and allows you to hone your skills using professional design programs like AutoCAD/CAD Studio.

Certificate program requirements

This 15 credit-hour certificate program is designed to give students a benchmark while going through the Interior Design program. This certificate's intent is for those students who want to specialize in the perspective and rendering areas of design.

F = Fall only course S = Spring only course U = Summer only course


Number Course Title Credits
ART 121 3

Description:  Introduces students to skills fundamental to two-dimensional visual organization. Explores elements such as line, shape and color, and principles such as unity, balance and variation. Provides a foundation for all areas of art and design. IAI ART 907

Class Schedule:  Spring 2024

IND 100 2

Description:  Introduces students to theoretical principles and nomenclature of design. Studies theories pertaining to elements and principles of design, color theory, psychology and color phenomenology as it relates to interior design. Studies human environment, proxemics and spatial behaviors. Examines universal design, designing for specific cultures and genders as well as other topical subjects. Covers the interior design profession, professional organizations and career employment.

Recommended Corequisite: IND 101.

Class Schedule:  Spring 2024

IND 101 3

Description:  Studies interior design room arrangement and furniture selection. Investigates the elements and principles of design as they relate to interiors. Studies aesthetic aspects of interior design. Develops interior projects using space planning, furniture selection, the development of furniture elevations, and presentation techniques. (NOTE: Students will need to purchase a drafting kit in addition to textbooks.)

Prerequisite: Prior or concurrent enrollment in IND 100.

Class Schedule:  Spring 2024

IND 107   S   3

DescriptionThis course is only offered in the spring term.

Studies drawing and sketching methods of furniture and interior spaces. Develops drawing techniques for interior perspective views of buildings. Explores the use of axonometric drawing and the use of various medias to present the three-dimensional delineation of interior design. Examines balance and proportions of interior items within a three-dimensional space. Uses drawing techniques and color to define light and shadow, textures, material characteristics.

Prerequisite: ART 121, IND 100 and IND 101 with grades of C or better.

Class Schedule:  Spring 2024

IND 110   S   2

DescriptionThis course is only offered in the spring term.

Introduces the process of visual communication for interior designers. Identifies interior and architectural challenges and examines the design process of problem-solving through space analysis and planning. Utilizes collaborative methods to develop appropriate design strategies and solutions. Applies research and the use of elements and principles of design to skillfully manipulate interior spaces. Utilizes conceptual sketching and oral presentation to communicate design solutions.

Prerequisite: IND 100 and IND 101 with grades of C or better.

Class Schedule:  Spring 2024

IND 217   U   2

DescriptionThis course is only offered in the summer term.

Reviews the development of two-point, mechanical perspective drawing. Studies freehand drawing and sketching methods of interior and exterior spaces. Develops drawing techniques for interior perspective views of buildings. Explores the use of various media to define light, shadows, textures and material characteristics.

Prerequisite: ART 121 and IND 107 with grades of C or better.

Class Schedule:  Spring 2024

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For more information about the Perspective and Rendering Certificate program, contact Admission Outreach at 847.925.6700, or submit a request information form. You can also apply online.

Please note: This program is not financial aid eligible.

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