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Careers for English Degree

From researching, writing and publishing to advertising and public relations, there are endless opportunities for those with a passion for the written word.

As a writer or author, your job may focus on creating compelling content for books, newspapers, magazines, or online platforms. Alternatively, you may work in communications or public relations, crafting messages for businesses and organizations and using your writing skills to effectively convey messaging to a targeted audience.

Those in the publishing industry may work as editors, selecting and refining written content for publication, ensuring accuracy and clarity in all written materials.

In addition to traditional office settings, graduates with a degree in English may also find themselves teaching English abroad. No matter the specific job title, these careers all involve reading, writing, and the ability to effectively communicate ideas.

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English Career Profiles

Explore some of the careers open to English students, and find out salary data, projected job growth and top local employers.

Last Updated: 4/8/24