Meet the faculty of the English program.

Elizabeth Turner

Phone: 847.925.6787

Office: L238

Brian Cremins

Phone: 847.925.6000, ext. 2389

Office: L235

Richard Johnson

Phone: 847.925.6429

Office: L229

Alicia Tomasian

Phone: 847.925.6971

Office: L318

Kurt Hemmer

Phone: 847.925.6779

Office: L242

Margaret King (Meg)

Phone: 847.925.6450

Office: L251

Paul Peterson

Phone: 847.925.6748

Office: D261B

Magdalen McKinley (Maggie)

Phone: 847.925.6335

Office: L334

Mary Judi Nitsch (Judi)

Phone: 847.925.6481

Office: L244

Stephanie Horton

Phone: 847.925.6334

Office: L334

Andrew Wilson

Phone: 847.925.6791

Office: D151a

Christopher Padgett

Phone: 847.925.6440

Office: L320

Seema Kurup

Phone: 847.925.6783

Office: L326

Pearl Ratunil

Phone: 847.925.6590

Office: L250

Joshua Sunderbruch

Phone: 847.925.6618

Office: L332

Jessica Walsh

Phone: 847.925.6326

Office: L332

Kurt Neumann

Phone: 847.925.6749

Office: L254

Kris Piepenburg

Phone: 847.925.6513

Office: C213

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