Student Testimonials

Linguistics students share their stories and experiences while studying at Harper College:

Patricia, TESOL student:

Vladimir, LNG 205 student:

"Hey everyone! Just wanted to share with you a great course that I'm currently enrolled in over at Harper college - LNG 205 Language and Culture with prof. Pajtek . This 3 credit hour class is an introductory course that will teach you about the differences of language in genders, politics, the relationship between languages and cultures, dialects, accents, how languages are formed and how to properly understand why people talk the way they do. I like this course because it covers some very important topics: every one of us knows at least one language and is part of at least one culture, yet we know so little about them even though they define us so much as individuals. Does languages determine our thoughts and if it does, to what extent? Why do people have accents and why do certain people talk differently? Why is it that different social classes speak differently even if they live in the same location? Is there such a thing as Standard American English and should English be the official language of the Unites States? What is Ebonics - is it a language, a dialect or something else? And where in the U.S can you order a "cabinet" and get a milkshake? You'll be surprised how much you already know and how different people's opinions are about such topics. You will also be surprised about how much you don't know due to misinformation!

Linguistics is a relatively young field of study and it deals with very delicate and theoretical subjects, so if you are interested in knowing more, please consider registering for LNG 205 Language and Culture during the fall semester! It's barely the middle of the semester (LNG 205's midterm is today.. yikes!) and I already know so much and find myself understanding the behavior of other cultures. We live in a society with so many different languages and cultures that taking a course about Language and Culture really should be mandatory because it is so useful! If you have any questions - just ask!"

Louisa, LNG 205 student:

As I was looking for a class that would be fun, interesting, and educational all at once, I found a winner. It was linguistics! I have always had a love for languages, but I did not realize that so many other people did as well. Whenever I describe my linguistics class to other people, I always say it reminds me of the United Nations because this course is made up of people with such diverse backgrounds. Our discussions about language, (which happens to be an even bigger part of our life than I thought) become all the more interesting. I'm Greek and Swiss, I have a friend who is Native American, and another who is Spanish, along with other students who happen to be Irish, German, Japanese, Bulgarian, Russian and many other nationalities. Even though I am majoring in Biochemistry, there is no doubt that I will be applying elements from this class as I pursue a career as a Physician's Assistant, due to the various people I will be interacting with and communicating with on a daily basis. In addition, there are no disadvantages to becoming a more well-rounded individual!

Tessa, TESOL certificate graduate, 2018:

I started the TESOL Certificate program nervous to be in front of students, but the support I got from the TESOL faculty was beyond what I expected. The coursework prepared me very well for the practicum. The faculty was more supportive, flexible, and helpful than any I have worked with in any of my previous college experiences. They were very thoughtful in building the courses and meetings around student schedules. I also really enjoyed the range of topics covered in the coursework which took the subjects from theory to practice. Being able to teach lessons in real Harper classrooms gave me more confidence in front of the students using what I had studied for the past year. I feel more than prepared to use the skills I've gained from the TESOL Certificate courses in real classrooms.