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  • Logistics analyst
  • Materials manager
  • Procurement analyst
  • Production control coordinator
  • Warehouse operations manager

Prepare for a dynamic career in supply chain management with this 60-credit-hour degree program. Learn about the processes and technology responsible for bringing goods and services to the consumers.

The program focuses on the areas of procurement, logistics and inventory/production control, giving you a broad overview of the various aspects of supply chain management. 

Take classes in supply chain management, inventory management, warehouse operations, transportation, production control, advanced planning and integration, procurement, demand planning and more. All courses are taught by skilled instructors who are extremely knowledgeable across all areas of supply chain management.

A.A.S. degree program plan

This 60 credit-hour program is designed to provide End-to-End (E2E) supply chain education for those persons pursuing entry level jobs and careers in supply chain management.

The curriculum focuses on both the technical and employability skills needed to be successful in this field. Targeted educational content covers all supply chain functions including demand planning, inventory management, production control, procurement and sourcing, transportation, and warehouse management and logistics design. The degree provides business content including accounting and economics ensuring that students have a solid base of general financial acumen. The additional general education requirements focus on the critical skills of communication and presentation competencies, organizational savvy, relationship management, team building and problem solving.


Number Course Title Credits Category
ENG 101 3 AAS General Education

Description:  Emphasizes the writing of expository prose. Introduction to the critical reading of nonfiction prose. IAI C1 900

Prerequisite: ENG 096 with a grade of C or better. Other placement options: english-placement-grid.php ESL students need one of the following options: ESL 073 and ESL 074 with grades of B or better; ESL 073 and ESL 086 with grades of B or better; ESL 073 and ESL 099 with grades of B or better; ESL 073 with required writing placement test score; or ESL 074 with required reading placement test score.

Class Schedule:  Spring 2024

MGT 111 3 Program Requirement

Description:  Introduces the nature of business and the environment in which it operates. Forms of business ownership, introduction to operative and facilitating facets of business operation, management, marketing, accounting, statistics, business law, finance, investments, insurance and labor-management relations.

Class Schedule:  Spring 2024

SCM 101 3 Program Requirement

Description:  Introduces Supply Chain Management (SCM) and the end-to-end (E2E) business processes necessary to achieve market and financial value, as well as competitive advantage. SCM is achieved by an organization proactively adopting initiatives to move suppliers and customers into collaborative relationships for mutual gain. Attention is focused on the fundamentals including customer service, fulfillment, demand planning and forecasting, inventory control, procurement, storeroom/warehousing, production control/operations, and physical distribution/logistics. All topics focus on technology, financial trends and career paths within the field.

Class Schedule:  Spring 2024

SCM 122 3 Program Requirement

Description:  Provides an overview of the dynamics of managing inventory within the constantly evolving supply chain environment. Topics include forecasting inventory requirements based upon customer and consumer demand, understanding inventory management as related to production planning, modeling various scenarios based upon demand information, and recognizing the various processes and technology used in inventory management today.

Prerequisite: SCM 101 or consent of program coordinator.

Class Schedule:  Spring 2024

SCM 126 3 Program Requirement

Description:  Provides an introduction and overview of the demand planning function as part of the broader supply chain. Topics covered include objectives of the function, the benefits of effective demand planning in an organization, the process of forecasting demand, the various types of demand, rules for ordering and optimizing of orders, the concept of economic order quantity and mitigating stock out risks, differences in demand distribution, sales and operations planning (S&OP), MRP and JIT.

Prerequisite: SCM 101 or consent of program coordinator.

Class Schedule:  Spring 2024


Number Course Title Credits Category
ACC 101 4 Program Requirement

Description:  Presents accounting as an information system that produces summary financial statements primarily for users external to a business. Emphasizes the reporting of the effect of transactions and other economic events on the financial condition and operating results of a business. Topics include: basic accounting concepts, financial statements, accrual and cash basis, the accounting cycle, monetary assets, inventories, fixed assets, current and long-term liabilities, and owner’s equity. The course assumes a corporate form of organization. NOTE: High school algebra is recommended. IAI BUS 903

Class Schedule:  Spring 2024

MGT 150 3 AAS General Education

Description:  Introduces arithmetic as a tool of business. Topics include fractions, decimals and percentages, computations of interest, bank discounts, depreciation, commissions, compound interest, payrolls and taxes and graph and chart design. Students must score satisfactorily on a mathematics placement test prior to registering for this course.

Prerequisite: Math placement options. mathplacement.php

Class Schedule:  Spring 2024

PSY 101 + 3 AAS General Education

Description:  Investigates human and animal behavior with emphasis on the scientific nature of contemporary and classic psychological investigation. Emphasizes psychological theories, principles, and research applications. Introduces the divisions of the American Psychological Association. References biological processes, sensation, perception, learning, memory, thinking, emotional life, mental disorders, intelligence, aptitude, personality, development, daily life and everyday problems. IAI S6 900

Class Schedule:  Spring 2024

SCM 123 3 Program Requirement

Description:  Reviews the framework of the transportation/distribution component of Logistics as part of the broader Supply Chain, and how it is a key component of the strategy and customer service for an organization. Provides an overview of various transportation systems and the impact on costs and service that each system provides. Examines the different types of modes and routings, and the impacts of regulatory and environmental decisions. Reviews the operational aspects of the transportation function, responsibilities for the key job functions associated with transportation, and overall trends within the industry.

Prerequisite: SCM 101 or consent of program coordinator.

Class Schedule:  Spring 2024

SCM 127 1 2 Program Requirement

Description:  Provides an introduction and overview of customer service and order fulfillment as part of the overall end to end (E2E) supply chain of an organization. Topics covered include 1) The overarching supply chain and logistics infrastructure, strategy and terminology 2) the design of the service value stream to meet customer and consumer needs, 3) the order management and fulfillment cycle and how it drives success and revenue growth, 4) the role of the customer service professional and the importance of planning, strategy, and performance measures, and 5) the increasing role of technology to enable a customer-centric approach.

Prerequisite: SCM 101, or consent of program coordinator.

Class Schedule:  Spring 2024


Number Course Title Credits Category
PSY 245 2 3 AAS General Education

Description:  Investigates organizational behavior. Explores theories, principles, applications and empirically derived findings of Industrial/Organizational Psychology. Emphasizes classic and contemporary leadership and motivation theories. Discusses structure and management practices; individual and work group behavior; employee culture and employer culture; and organizational conflict and resolution. Addresses international perspectives.

Prerequisite: PSY 101 or consent of instructor.

Class Schedule:  Spring 2024

SCM 120 3 Program Requirement

Description:  Describes the development, scope, and objectives of production control. Outlines the coordination of manufacturing resources (money, manpower, materials and machines) and how they apply to this function. Focuses on scheduling, releasing and tracking of production orders and associated schedules, and the reporting of materials and resources used in the production process. Outlines the Enterprise-wide linkages and technology implications as related to overall company and business strategy through CRP, ERP, MRP and MPS activities and related roles.

Prerequisite: SCM 101 or consent of program coordinator.

Class Schedule:  Spring 2024

SCM 124 3 Program Requirement

Description:  Provides an overview of the movement of goods within a warehouse environment, including the overall concepts of material handling, warehouse management, and packaging. Covers topics such as warehouse automation, containerization, palletization, conveyor systems, racking, kitting, picking and sorting. Reviews concepts such as the strategic nature of distribution centers versus traditional warehousing, and the overall impact of packaging beyond just product protection. Discusses the overall organizational structure and impact of warehouse operations as part of the broader supply chain.

Prerequisite: SCM 101 or consent of program coordinator.

Class Schedule:  Spring 2024

SCM 125 3 Program Requirement

Description:  Covers the overall function of Procurement and its importance within the Supply Chain. Focuses on the strategic role of Procurement within the organization and how it directly contributes to the financial results of the business. Discusses overall roles and responsibilities within the function including preparation for and analysis of supplier bids and quotations, processes for purchase orders and contracting, inventory management and materials planning, supplier relationship management and performance management, total cost of ownership review, business continuity planning, and social and ethical responsibility.

Prerequisite: SCM 101 or consent of program coordinator.

Class Schedule:  Spring 2024

SCM 228 3 3 Program Requirement

Description:  Provides a comprehensive view of existing logistics practices and strategies within a global economy. Explores ways to create a competitive advantage through logistics principles and network design models, and outlines an approach for integrating logistics as a core competency within an organization's supply chain strategy.

Prerequisite: SCM 101 and SCM 123, or consent of program coordinator.

Class Schedule:  Spring 2024


Number Course Title Credits Category
CIS 101 3 Program Requirement

Description:  Provides students with an introduction to computer and information systems used in business environments. Includes computer hardware and operating systems, word processing, spreadsheets, presentation software, database management software, networking and Internet, information systems, programming concepts, and computer security and ethics. IAI BUS 902

Class Schedule:  Spring 2024

ECO 211 3 Program Requirement

Description:  Covers economic problems faced by the individual and the firm. Examination of market structures, price and output determination. The microeconomic approach. IAI S3 902

Class Schedule:  Spring 2024

MGT 165 + 3 Program Requirement

Description:  Provides concepts, principles and practices of the international business environment. Includes the nature of international business; international organizations and monetary systems; comparative management techniques, and environmental business factors. Focuses on international organizational functioning to help the student gain a diversity of views.

Prerequisite: ENT 154 or MGT 111

Class Schedule:  Spring 2024

PHI 150 3 AAS General Education

Description:  Introduces philosophical ethical theory and its application to business decisions. Consider theories of economic justice, social responsibility, hiring practices and rights of employees and employers.

Class Schedule:  Spring 2024

SPE 101 3 AAS General Education

Description:  Theory and practice of oral communications. Development of poise, confidence and skill in speech organization and delivery. Emphasis on frequent speaking, development of standards of criticism and selection and organization of material. IAI C2 900

Class Schedule:  Spring 2024

1 - May substitute SCM 226. (Prerequisites of SCM 101 and SCM 120 must be met prior to registration.)

2 - May substitute SCM 259. (Prerequisites of SCM 101 and SCM 125 must be met prior to registration.)

3 - May substitute SCM 226 or SCM 259. (Prerequisites must be met prior to registration.)

+ - This course meets the World Cultures and Diversity graduation requirement.

Program learning outcomes

  • Understand the key functions that comprise Supply Chain Management (SCM), and understand the roles and responsibilities within each function.
  • Understand the linkages of supply chain functions across various departments across an organization including marketing and sales, engineering and design, finance, accounting, manufacturing, customer service, etc.
  • Understand the various types of processes associated with supply chain management including S&OP, ERP, MRP, MPS and others; students will also gain a high level understanding of the role of SAP and its connection to each of the aforementioned processes and tools.
  • Understand the ethical issues surrounding supply chain management and supporting business practices as well as the nuances related to global sourcing and distribution.
  • Understand the importance of the supply chain's role in the overall financial performance and goals of the organization, and the need for robust risk mitigation planning to support these objectives.

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