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Careers in Forensic Science

As a forensic science technician or digital forensic analyst in law enforcement, banks, biometric companies, or corporate offices, your complex role requires you to collect, catalog, and analyze physical evidence from crime scenes, develop detailed records and reports, testify in court as an expert witness when needed, scrutinize digital log files with advanced forensic tools, and even devise cyber security plans to protect essential data.

Having the right equipment at your disposal is also essential — cameras to take crime scene snapshots and audio/video recording devices to preserve important evidence; computers disguised as internet browsers to identify suspects; and specialized forensic software applications.

This career requires you to utilize critical thinking skills in order to assess information obtained from the scene. Additionally, having an understanding of computers is integral to perform various duties of this role.

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Forensic Science Career Profiles

Learn more about job titles in the forensic science field, including salaries, job growth and top employers in the Chicago area.

Last Updated: 4/8/24