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Careers in Public Health

Working in public health requires good communication skills and the ability to interact with many different types of people.

As a community health worker, you might be called upon to work in doctor's offices, community centers, care facilities and hospitals. You could also work in schools; here your job could involve maintaining patient records or providing health education.

You may use computers, medical instruments or measuring instruments to produce reports, health programs or health education materials that can help lead to positive community outcomes.

For example, a good understanding of workplace hazards is important when it comes to creating safe workplaces for all staff members. Working in public health means you must enjoy interacting with the public as much of your job is focused on delivering effective services that benefit the entire community.

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Public Health Career Profiles

Explore typical positions in the public health field and get salary ranges, projected job growth and the local employment picture.

Last Updated: 4/8/24