Public Health

Public Health

As crucial members of a community, public health employees protect people from getting sick or injured while also promoting healthy behaviors at home, work and at play. Public health workers:

  • Conduct research to educate people about health
  • Vaccinate children and adults to prevent the spread of disease
  • Educate people/communities about the risks of alcohol and tobacco
  • Set safety standards to protect workers
  • Develop school nutrition programs to ensure kids have healthy food

Harper's public health program is designed for students who want to transfer to a four-year university. Studying public health can lead to a career as community health worker, occupational health and safety technician, environmental scientist, medical and health services manager, physicist, epidemiologist, or health educator.

Transfer plan

Through Harper College’s partner program with DePaul University, you can earn an Associate in Arts in Public Health, with guaranteed admission to DePaul’s College of Science and Health to complete a bachelor's degree. See DePaul’s Admission Partnership Program (DAPP) for more information.


Next steps

To learn more about the Public Health program, contact Pardess Mitchell at 847.925.6097 or