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Careers in Economics

A career in the field of economics requires a range of analytical and technical skills, as well as strong math and problem-solving abilities.

As an accountant, auditor, investment analyst, financial analyst, financial manager or financial risk specialist, you have the opportunity to work with companies to help create solutions related to economic topics including measuring profit, analyzing expenses and getting insight into the market. You will use computers and accounting software to create balanced accounts, analyze financial data, manage company finances and plan budgets.

A sound grasp of understanding the nuances of the economy is essential in order to effectively perform work duties. With training in economics, you will be able to find solutions that help create sustainable models for businesses in order to efficiently manage finances and increase profits.

Whether working in public sector or private companies such as consulting firms, investment firms or accounting firms - being knowledgeable about economic trends provides one with a greater opportunity to succeed in the profession.

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Economics Career Profiles

Get details on careers in economics, including area employers, position statistics, salary data and career growth.

Last Updated: 4/8/24