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Careers in Political Science

Political science requires strong communication skills and an understanding of the complexities of politics. Working as a professional in this field may require skills in researching, teaching, public speaking, authoring scholarly work, crafting public relations strategies or administering public services. Common careers include business analyst, journalist, lawyer, lobbyist, policy researcher, political campaign staff, and teacher. 

Political scientists combine available data and historical records with interpersonal skills to analyze public policy. Lobbyists work to influence public policy, while campaign managers promote political candidates and causes to the public.

Political science graduates may also find employment in federal, state or local government administering programs or represent the government oversees, or working as analysts in international and domestic business.

Political science students may continue their studies to become lawyers or work in higher education as faculty or administrators.

Curiosity and willingness to seek different perspectives on difficult questions are key attributes for political science students. 

Political Science Career Profiles

Learn more about careers in political science, including position descriptions, salary ranges and top local employers.

Last Updated: 4/8/24